Google Search Engine Gets Dark Mode For Desktops

Google Search Engine Gets Dark Mode For Desktops

Google search engine gets new dark mode for desktops. Initially released in Windows 10 OR macOS platforms, the experience is worth spending time on Google, especially at night time with dark mode. Google seems to be very slow in getting the dark mode competition like major companies have already rolled it out. Google’s gradually rolling … Read more

How To Transfer Your Website and Maintain Search Ranking

There are many reasons to move a website. These range from moving to new server because you have decided to switch your hosting providers, to simply you need to redirecting your existing files to a new domain name. Either way, when you are moving your website, your search engine rankings must be affected. Here is … Read more

Website importance for a business in 2021

importance of a website for a business

Importance Of A Website for a businessPandemic (COVID-19) changed the way of live, work and think. It also changed our shopping behavior, perhaps forever. The paradigm behavior shift to online from offline has increased the importance of the website for your business in 2021. Consumers like online solutions for shopping. People like shopping online because … Read more